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The Mailing Action Plan

(Thursday June 2)

Presell and warm up your list with pre-launch email. Send to Landing Page (waiting list, get your link cookied) or Bonus Page.

(Fri June 3 @ 9AM EST)

Mail out on launch day at 9AM EST sharp and send subscribers to your bonus page with video review for maximum EPC.

Later at 5PM EST, mail out again to those who did not open your email with a different subject headline.

(Sun June 5 @ 9AM EST)

Mail out during mid launch to capture more sales.

Later at 5PM EST, mail out again to those who did not open your email with a different subject headline.

(June 7 @ 9AM EST)

Mail out at 9AM EST about 'last chance' to get in before price jumps.

Final mail out at 6PM EST. Tell them it's closing in a 6 hours and it's their last chance to get early bird access.

Launch ends June 7 (5 Days).

Feast Your Eyes On This…

[Sneak Preview] Your own custom Avatars in a few clicks!

Get early preview on Avatar Genie Pro (launching tomorrow)


I’m very excited to show you this fresh new software that will launch soon. This will definitely change the way you create your avatars!

If you are a marketer and are marketing your own products, you would know how hard it is to design, develop and deploy them.

It takes a lot of hours, tons of money and much energy that some of you are not even able to do it!

Plus, it is important to have a quality, professional looking avatar to represent the product that you’re already marketing or planning to market.

Check It Out Here

The thing about creating avatars is, there are lots of things that need to be taken into consideration.

Not to mention the PROBLEMS:

– Hiring someone to design the avatars for you (they rarely agree to design several avatars for a single price)

– The hours that needs to be invested into creating your own avatar creation software (more time of you’re not skilled + MORE MONEY NEEDED)

– Times change. This also means design styles also shift to meet the current trends.


These are the things you DO NOT want to do if you’re just starting out or do not wish to expend huge amounts of money, time and energy.

Which is why I am more excited to share with you the wonders of Avatar Genie Pro!

See Avatar Genie Pro In Action

This web based app minimizes the effort needed to create an effective and professional looking avatar that works well with any product or service that you wish to pair with.

Plus, this amazing app lets you design cool avatars in just MINUTES!

No Design Skills.

No Advanced Design/Editing Software Required.

Just a few minutes and some creativity.

I can go on and on about its coolness but it’s best you see for yourself.

By the way, this app is launching on the 3rd of June so you can go online and book your place for the preview here:


One more thing, this stellar app is available for a HUGE preliminary discount.

So if you act fast, these beautiful, customizable and effective avatar creator is yours for a mind blowingly low price!


Build UNLIMITED custom avatars and mascot characters in just minutes

[New Software] Create guru-level mascot characters in under 3 minutes!

High quality avatars and mascots (just point n click!)

Make $50-$200 per mascot character (no Photoshop, no design skills)

Have you played The Sims before? Then you know how to use this…


There’s a brand new software app that’s about to revolutionize the way you market your products online!

SIDENOTE: In a hurry? Check it out here:

Avatar Genie Pro lets you create UNLIMITED high quality, highly customizable mascot characters and avatars

No Photoshop
No Design Skills
Nothing to install
No Monthly fees

With this you can build and custom make your own mascot characters for use in your sales videos, sales pages, product covers, marketing materials, and more…

As you know, it’s important to put a ‘face’ on your website and marketing – and if you’re tired of using the same old ‘characters’ built into most video builders and the same thing everyone already has, you’re going to love this…

Click Here To Check Out Avatar Genie Pro:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

The possibilities are endless with virtually hundreds of hairstyles, outfits, body poses, and more to suit your branding and image needs.

And because this is just launched, you can get it in at early bird price.

Plus they have plans to add more stuff to the software, be sure to get in and avoid paying more!

Click Here To Check Out Avatar Genie Pro:

=> [[AFFLINK]]



How would you like to add some fresh looks to your website, ads, marketing materials, videos, and presentation? You will do well to consider the all-new Avatar Genie Pro!

Check It Out Here:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

How Avatar Genie Pro Works:

– 100% web based app: nothing to install
– Easy point-n-click editor lets you build your characters in minutes or less
– Rich library of elements to customize your character: male/female, body tones, poses, hairstyles, costumes, outfits, and accessories
– Save your work anytime
– Export in PNG transparent format
– Can also be used on mobile device like iPad
– Optional Upgrade DOUBLES your collection and choices…

Watch Avatar Genie Pro In Action Here:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

You can use your customizable, great-looking avatars and mascots for:

– Representing your business
– Digital product cover
– Website
– Sales videos and video presentations
– Keynote/powerpoint slides
– Logo
– Packaging
– Advertisement
– Marketing materials
– Social media
– Even build for your clients’ projects (you get Developer Rights)
– Even print offline (T-Shirt, product cover, etc.)
And much more…

Click Here To See Avatar Genie Pro In Action:

=> [[AFFLINK]]



A new software had just launched and I’ve just picked up a way you can profit from this!

Check Out Avatar Genie Pro:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

Did you know? People are paying $50-$200 for mascots and custom avatars for their business!

The problem is, if you don’t have any design skills then this is way out of your league…

… Now not anymore.

With this software you can build virtually UNLIMITED mascot characters and avatars – each highly customized – and you can even charge a fee!

Or if you’re already doing work for your clients online, this can be your addon or bonus service!

Because not only you can build the characters for yourself, you get Developer Rights to do it for your clients’ marketing materials, videos, and sales pages!

Make just 1-2 sales and you cover your cost.

(And ssshh… they don’t have to know this is your money making weapon!)

Check Out Avatar Genie Pro:

=> [[AFFLINK]]



RE: Create UNLIMITED HD Avatars and Mascots in under 5 minutes

[MEMO] You won’t believe how easy it is to create your own character now!

Just a friendly reminder if you haven’t seen the new Avatar Genie Pro yet:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

In my previous email, I have talked about this lightweight web-based avatar creation app.

There are people already owning this app and have “owned it” with their very own customizable and unique avatars.

They have been using this app to give a “face” to their products and even their businesses!

Imagine this: you have a great software, blog or social media post that you know will catch your subscribers’ attention and benefit them if you post it.

And you hope that they’ll take action upon reading the post or reviewing the product.

What if I tell you mere words are not enough? That you need some sort of branding to accompany the product or blog page that you created?

This is because they are NOT GOING TO TAKE action. Not with mere letters arranged together to convince them.

That is why you need a “face” to represent your product or brand.

An Easy-To-Build, Professional-Looking and Customizable “face”.

See It In Action Here:


With Avatar Genie Pro, you can FINALLY give up very essential things that “old-school” businesspeople swear by to build an image such as:

– High Costs
– Long hours designing
– Or even outsourcing to a designer who charges premium fees!

Ultimately, this app gives you peace of mind that you deserve all this time!



P.S. The early bird special is still in effect and there are plans to develop this software further.

If you lock in your spot now, your privileges for future updates will be ‘grandfathered’ so get in now and save more:


[LAST CALL] Get Your Own Avatar Builder App!

[24 Hours Left] Save 60% on #1 mascot building app

This just in…

Avatar Genie Pro has been touted as one of the #1 avatar and mascot creation software out there… with hundreds of users already on it!

The launch special is about to end soon though…

Get Avatar Genie Pro Now And Save 60%:

=> [[AFFLINK]]

There’s more to Avatar Genie Pro than just saving precious hours…

You can even build a business out of it!

Why? because many businesses out ther crave for professional looking, well desinged avatars to pair eith their products, services or even webpages.

And you will have the app that caters to this need…

And you will have the ability to CHARGE THEM A PRICE!

Best part is: most businesses outside our small Internet Marketing circle don’t know about this awesome software, Avatar Genie Pro can very well be your secret weapon for mass profits!

Check out the demo video to see how easy it actually is:


Remember to lock in your spot now because after this, the introductory special will be over and while updates are planned for this software, if you act later you’ll have to pay more.



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